The Book Connection

Books are often far more than just books.” I recently came across this quote from author Roxane Gay, and it struck me how this is true in so many ways.  Books can inspire, entertain and educate readers, but most importantly for me, books are a connection to others. For the past couple of years, I have been a part of the Because Mom Book Club. It’s a wonderful group of women from all stages of life who come together to eat, laugh and talk about books. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve discussed some amazing books, but often the books lead us to real life discussions that have allowed us to really connect with each other. We lift each other up in tough times and applaud each other’s successes. As one of our members recently said it’s our monthly “soul food”. I am so grateful for their friendship because these women inspire me not only with their love for books but also with their love for each other.

Written by:

Kristine Buller

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