Coffee Meet ups + Anxiety

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Didn’t think you’d read that title here right?!

Thats the beauty of Because Mom. You never know what’s going to be said but sometimes you will read about struggle and I hope someone can relate to it at the end of the day.

Coffee Dates. The most said event in women’s world. ”Lets meet up for coffee soon!” Whether

it be with best friends or people you just met, coffee meetups is our thing. Now if you have any type of anxiety you will get this blog. If you do not, maybe you’ll be able to understand those who say they have it. There are so many different categories and types but mine is simple, lack of self confidence.

You arrived at the coffee shop. You wait in the car, sweating. You talk your self into walking in an owning it. Finding a seat available. What if they are all taken? What if no one shows up?

This happend to me today. I walked into a busy coffee shop and there was only one table left. By the door. I waited and waited. For about 30 minutes I was there alone. I sipped my iced coffee and did some work as I waited. Impatiently of

course. And then, just like that, someone walked up to me and introduced them selves. I immediately felt a sigh of relief. Todays coffee meet up was amazing. The waiting, the sweating, and worries are not needed. We had a 2 hour conversation and it lead to what I believe is a good friend and connection!!

Get out there. Never think you are incapable of doing something. Never let fear hold you back.

(Pictured below is myself (Left) and Elysia

@ Community Cup) My coffee date!


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